Filipino Party Party !

Filipino Party Party !

Having a Pilipino Party Ya’ll ? Well the top two desserts shown above are two of my favorite filipino delicacies ; Karioka and BananaQ ! The other two shown are Skor Bars and LemonPoppy Seed Cupcake. Now, if you are filipino you MUST know that a lot of our menu items contain loads of sugar or GLUTINOUS RICE (take for instense karioka for one, kutsinta,bilo bilo and more) !!! Karioka is simply glutinous rice flour,coconut milk,coconut pieces (macapuno) and brown sugar, and BananaQ is Saba bananas + brown sugar and a frying pan. Now all this sounds super fattening I know ! But when you are going to indulge in good food. Make it GOOD at least ! :)) As my friend Gnani once told me, “Theres nothing like good food.” Happy Baking !!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ninoalmendra says:

    Oh yeah!!! Let’s enjoy the best of Pinoy foods!!! We live to eat, not eat to live…

    1. sarlysweets says:

      😀 I agree in that !

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