My New KitchenAids !

My New KitchenAids !

Hi Friends ! Yesterday I bought 2 new KitchenAids from Canadian Tire (within the GTA) The one on the left is a Hand Mixer and the one on the right is a Hand Blender. I haven’t tried the Hand Mixer yet but so far I am in love with the Hand Blender; its easy to use and most of all -easy clean up and stowaway. Aside from my regular size Blender and Mixer, I thought it would be essential to purchase these two for quick hassle free use! In addition, I purchased these two items on sale for $39.99 Here is a recipe for a simple and delicious Frozen Yogurt.

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt :
1/2 Cup Vanilla Yogurt
3/4 Cup Frozen Strawberries

Of course you guys can substitute these two ingredients with anything you would like ! 🙂 nonetheless, Happy Baking !


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  1. ninoalmendra says:

    Did you freeze your own fresh strawberry or you bought it already frozen? Thanks for the recipe =)

    1. sarlysweets says:

      Actually I do both ! 🙂 usually I base it to whichever is cheaper at the market when I do my groceries ! I find the frozen packages are more convenient for me 🙂

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