Bobby Flay Fish Tacos

Bobby Flay Fish Tacos

Hi Friends ! I hope you are all well, happy and healthy ! Today I cooked up some fish tacos.This one in particular is Bobby Flay’s recipe from the food network. I rate this a 6/10. The taste wasn’t all there for me. I tried my best to follow the recipe to a T, yet It wasn’t what I expected -and I was expecting a lot ! What I did not like was the pureed salsa -I feel like it was too smooth -and for a taco you actually look forward to a good bite of tomato, lettuce etc.As for the taste, I found that the cabbage really watered down the flavour but once my sister and I added 2x more lime it got better. Nonetheless, just wanted to share my opinion about this recipe. If you guys would like to try it, click on the photo for a direct link to the recipe -maybe the recipe will work for you guys !

Ps. Easter is coming up so i’ll have more SWEETS up in the next week. Happy Baking !


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