Super Easy and Delicious 4-Step Chicken Katsu !!

Super Easy and Delicious 4-Step Chicken Katsu !!

Hi Friends ! In today’s post I will show you how to make simple and delicious Chicken Katsu ! If you are an avid sushi-goer than you probably have already tried this once in your life; fried chicken cutlets with Katsu sauce (a Japanese accompaniment). You can simply buy the Kikkoman brand of katsu sauce or make your own by searching up the recipe for a TonKatsu Sauce. Here is the SUPER DUPER EASY PEASY 4-STEP RECIPE BELOW!! ENJOY :))

1.Prepare about 4 chicken cutlets by rinsing and patting them dry
2.Rub salt and pepper all around
3.Dip and fully cover the cutlets in flour, follow by dipping in a bowl of a whisked egg, then dip in panko bread crumbs (preferably Japanese bread crumbs)
4.fry in a pan with vegetable oil on medium heat until golden brown or if you have a deep fryer even better -cook until dark brown (it is best if your Chicken Katsu is extra frieeeed crispy)

Please feel free to click the photo above for more googlespiration* photos lol !

HAPPY BAKING EVERYONE and you all have a relaxing weekened !! xox