20 Minute Pies :) !

Quick and Easy Apple Pie

Hi Friends! Now I promise you I will try out a recipe soon for an all-homemade apple/cherry pie but I just wanted to share with you this quick and easy beginner-friendly recipe 🙂 ! I hope you will all enjoy this one as it actually tasted really yummy !

The directions for this recipe is on the Pillsbury Pie Crust Packaging.

Six 4″ Rounds Baking Pan Rounds or 1 Large Pie Dish
1 package of Pillsbury Pie Crust
1 Cup of Apple Pie Filling ( try the E.D. Smith Apple Pie Filling)
1 Cup of Cherry Pie Filling (try the E.D. Smith Cherry Pie Filling)
Melted Butter (brush melted unsalted butter half-way through And After cook time for a golden look)
Sprinkle Sugar Crystals or Plain White Sugar on top before serving

I rate this recipe a 10/10 because there was no prep time and you had 6 delicious pies ready in about 20-25 minutes! Perfect for any party and you can use any kind of filling you want ! Try Coconut, lemon or custard filling !

Happy Baking !


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