Gradient and Flower Banners


10559170_10102710631539742_990979411_nHey friends so if you are like me – you have been making carrot cake for too long,decorating it with carrots on top -___- Well I’ m Done !, JUST done. So my main focus for this post is gradient style icing and streamer flowers ! So if you have a carrot cake recipe, you are going to want to make 1 more icing recipe. I begin by fully icing the cake before I add the gradient just so you have a nice white peaking through. Next pick a color for your gradient. Now, in order not to waste any icing, just have all your icing in one bowl and begin the lightest shade with 1-2 drops of your choice of food coloring. Once your done each layer just keep adding 1-2 drops until you are happy with the color difference. As for the style of icing, I just used a metal spatula in a press down-and swipe right motion; if you are not too familiar with this pattern you can practice a few times on a plate; it is quite easy.

Now as for the trending CAKE BANNERS: There are a lot of enchanting Cake Banner ideas on pinterest that I encourage you all to search. At the time, I had streamers by my side and just thought of forming them into flowers so I put two and two together and it actually turned out quite nice. For the Flowers I made in the photo above, all you need are BBQ skewers, streamers and scotch tape. Just take about 2 feet of streamers and form it into a flower and secure it on a BBQ stick with scotch tape ! Here a few a few examples of Cake Banners you can try ! Happy Baking !


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  1. Daryle says:

    I am very impressed with your creativity, amiga. Your cakes look too good to eat!

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