Fruit Arrangements ON A BUDGET !

Fruit Arrangements !! Looking for something sweet and healthy? This is the perfect thing for you !! So I hope you guys like the arrangement ! I’ve never been good at 10531217_10102708879580682_2141331780_narranging flowers in a vase so It took me awhile to get this visually RIGHT. Seeing as the smallest bouquets of fruit from Edible Arrangements range from 70-80 dollars I thought I would just make it myself ! This cost me at the most-20 dollars.

What you will need :
1.An assortment of fruit. Above, you will see that I used pineapples, strawberries,grapes,honey dew, melon
2.Melting Chocolate- I used White Chocolate but Milk Chocolate looks great as well.
3.Cookie cutters if you want to shape your fruits.
4.bbq skewers

This post is pretty much self explanatory. Just a tip *prep all your fruits and do not slice the fruits too thin. As you can see the honey dew hearts on the left of my arrangement show the bbq stick which doesn’t look too great.

Have fun with this one guys !! Even a bouquet of just flower pineapples would be gorgeous too !-work with what you have 🙂

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