Gum Paste Flowers – First Timer

Gum Paste Flowers ! Okay friends, have you guys ever seen those memes expectation vs. reality?? If so, you will understand my situation when I say my gum paste flowers were not up to par!! So the other night, I was trying to go for these kind of flowers ; texture, color,beauty , organic lines just like these pink peonies !! but of course mine turned out to be a hot mess ! I guess it didn’t help that I completely didn’t buy any Gum Paste decorating tools so I will tell you how I revived my flowers from the dead. First off, I had ready made Wilton Gum, food coloring ,flower stamen decors, and gorgeous white Pearl Powder. What I did not have -which I could of really used were painting brushes, gum paste tools, and stem wires but like any baker – you gotta work with what you have. So, if you are like me -unprepared 😛 then here is what you can do: You can use anything instead of wire stems such as :barbecue sticks or straws- whichever looks less awkward on your cake. Secondly, you can use end of spoons or your fingers to shape the petals as best you can -its just like working with play-doh. Thirdly you can cover up minor flaws with some food coloring- brush on a nice coat to finish it off; the way you “paint” on them will make a world of difference ! I’m sure your flowers will be just fine.

Overall, I give Gum paste 8 out of 10 on my likability scale. I didn’t really like how it dried so fast but I’m sure it is just me doing something wrong. This is just my first timers review. I know that the possibilities are endless with gum paste so I’ll keep practicing ! What are some of YOUR guys’ experience with gum paste? Share in the comments section :)) HAPPY Sunday !!

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