Mango Rosette Cheesecake

Hi friends! Happy July !! What better way to spend the summer than to eat your classic New York Style cheesecake topped with tropical fruit? What you see in the photo above is an Anna Olsen Cheesecake Recipe(<–click for the direct link) topped with sliced fresh mangoes. I chose her New York Style recipe this time around, because it contained more lemon zest and juice than others and I wanted the cheesecake to be more on the fruity side rather than rich and creamy ,- for the whole “summery theme”.

Now of course, you can use any New York Style cheesecake recipe that can be found on google. I just want to share with you a few tricks when creating your rosette. First off, you will need about 5 regular sized  mangoes that are quite firm but still ripe and sweet enough to compliment the taste of the cheesecake. Next, you’re going to want to thinly slice the mangoes lengthwise. After you have prepped your mango pieces you are ready to create the rosette. Begin by using all your smaller pieces to form the rose -starting at the center of your cheesecake, and use the larger pieces at the very end. You might want to look at some rose images for reference. The thinner the slices of mangoes -the more beautiful. It will begin to take the life of a rose – and the lines will look amazing ! Happy Baking ! Have fun -it will be delicious, TRUST ME 🙂


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rai says:

    Well done!! This looks absolutely delicious!

    1. sarlysweets says:

      thank you so much !

  2. This picture is gorgeous! What a fabulous idea, using fresh mangoes as a delicious decoration!

    1. sarlysweets says:

      🙂 Thank you so much !

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