Simple Ocean Pearl Gradient Themed Cake

ocean shells pearls oysters_www.wall321.com_2

Hi Friends ! My post for today is simply inspired by the beauty and elegance of the ocean and quite fitting to be a summer themed post as well -if you throw in some shell decor :). Mine however, is a birthday cake so I decided to leave the shells for now. When I saw this photo above I was inspired to create a blue

DSC02618 gradient cake to imitate the ocean waves, as well as somehow make it fitting for an elegant birthday party as well.. What more to do than to add some pearls, right? I’ve said it once with my pink gradient cake, and i’ll say it again : it is probably one of the easiest styles for me in terms of cake decorating! All you need is a spatula and food coloring !  Here is the finished product ! DSC02604

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Daryle says:

    I may have to stop following your blog, Sarah. I have gained 10lbs. from just looking at your photos. 🙂 Salamat for sharing your creativity with us.

    1. sarlysweets says:

      that really made my day ! i will take that as a compliment 😛 I only wish for you to explore your sweet side to reward yourselves every once in awhile hehe

  2. Gorgeous! What a cute idea!!

    1. sarlysweets says:

      Thank you so much !! it was alot of fun making it 🙂

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