Fun Colored Sweet & Salty Popcorn



Looking for inexpensive party favors or bake sale goodie ideas? Try this easy recipe to make colorful sweet and salty popcorn. You probably already have all these ingredients in your pantry !

You will need :
2 Cups granulated sugar
1 Tablespoon Butter
1/2 Cup Water
Food Coloring
2 Cups Instant Microwavable butter popcorn

First you’re going to want to prepare the popcorn. You can use any popcorn you want but the quickest option is to purchase Instant Microwavable popcorn. Follow the instructions for 1 bag of popcorn, and then set aside to cool down.
Next, Put the sugar and water in a small pan and boil to 238* on a candy thermometer or until your sugar mixture has been boiling for a few minutes and you see that it is thickening, and then add the food coloring of your choice, 2-3 drops should be enough. Next, remove your sugar mixture from the heat and in a large bowl, pour over your popcorn and mix until the sugar mixture is nicely distributed.

Packing Directions:
If you want to package the popcorn like what I did shown above, simply fill some clear cups with the popcorn, cover it with a napkin,seal it with a rubber band and then tie a ribbon around it if you want.

Hope you Enjoy this simple recipe ! Happy Baking


Ube Crinkles


Hi Friends ! Happy November !! What you see above are similar to traditional chocolate crinkles except they are UBE crinkles or (taro crinkles). These were super delicious, soft on the inside and crinkly on the outside. I followed a recipe by SweetAmbitions on youtube. I hope you will all try it because I assure you this recipe is excellent and it wont disappoint! Please click the photo above for the direct youtube ube crinkle tutorial. Happy Baking 🙂



Cheddar Biscuits with Cayenne, brushed with Garlic Parsley Butter Review

10572219_10102728302412172_222934537_nHi my loves ! A few days ago I was daydreaming about Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits !! As per usual, I rushed to my laptop and looked for Red Lobster top secret recipes !! Thank God anything and everything can be found on the internet now. The recipe I chose was from damndelicious – click me for the direct link 🙂 To follow, I provided a mini review. I tried to comment on this recipe as well as I could -I promise you I know a good Red Lobster biscuit when I have one so hopefully I can save you guys some time with these tips! Happy Baking !!

I give this recipe 7/10, 10 being how faithful this recipe tastes to the Red Lobster Recipe. The flavours are quite satisfying and delicious. All that cheese created a nice burnt cheese crust which I usually do not get with the Red Lobster Biscuits.

I also like how this recipe has very little prep

The major difference for me was the texture. After the 10 minute cook time my biscuits still seemed un-cooked; if you compare to the Red Lobster Biscuits they are always perfectly fluffy and soft on the inside -nothing dough-ey. At the same time, I believe it is the amount of cheese to dough ratio that played apart in the texture.

For my first batch of biscuits I used a silicone baking sheet. I was disappointed because the biscuits all flattened out.

I suggest you guys using a cupcake baking pan as I did for my second batch (as seen in the photo above) it gives it a better shape as this recipe does not contain yeast.

Next time I try this recipe I will use only half the amount of cheese, this way maybe it wont turn out as dough-ey.




Bookspiration: almond inspiration


Hi friends !! I’m so happy to share with you this recipe cook book called Almond Inspiration published by The Almond Board of California in 2007. Once in a while I find a worthy recipe book at my local thrift store!  Ever since I was a kid I loved Almonds because it simply tasted like vanilla -fancy, i know 🙂 !  and that’s all it took for me to retire peanuts forever ! There are a variety of ways to use almonds e.g. Maple ricotta parfait with almonds and plums or spiced veggie wraps with almonds and raita ! I love how you can take Almonds from dessert to dinner, they are so versatile. I just cant wait to try out some of these awesome recipes ! To get Almond Inspired visit ! Happy Sunday Everyone !!


Simple Ocean Pearl Gradient Themed Cake

ocean shells pearls oysters_www.wall321.com_2

Hi Friends ! My post for today is simply inspired by the beauty and elegance of the ocean and quite fitting to be a summer themed post as well -if you throw in some shell decor :). Mine however, is a birthday cake so I decided to leave the shells for now. When I saw this photo above I was inspired to create a blue

DSC02618 gradient cake to imitate the ocean waves, as well as somehow make it fitting for an elegant birthday party as well.. What more to do than to add some pearls, right? I’ve said it once with my pink gradient cake, and i’ll say it again : it is probably one of the easiest styles for me in terms of cake decorating! All you need is a spatula and food coloring !  Here is the finished product ! DSC02604


Healthier and Delicious 15 minute home made PIZZA

10527346_10152629836813453_1911276028489809221_n 10491203_10152629836968453_3684033358724497149_n

Hi Friends ! so after a long weekend of desserts, home-cook meals, and I must admit, – some rice lol I wanted to throw in some veggies into the diet 😛 I know what you are thinking -PIZZA sarah? really?? So before you all go crazy on me. I would like to say that I tried my best to cut down on the calories without having to sacrifice any of the taste. Now who doesn’t like the sound of that?

So this recipe here, has no surprises and most of all is pretty straight forward. Ultimately, I just wanted to share which ingredients I used to make this delicious pizza.

1. you are going to want to buy a whole-grain ready-made pizza crust. I personally chose, President’s Choice Multigrain Thin Pizza Crust which is a part of their Blue Menu; It is a source of omega-3 polyunsaturates per 50g, as well as 2g of fibre per 50g.

2. Spread the following tomato sauce on the surface of your pizza crust leaving out the edges for the crust. Ragu Brand -Tomato and Basil Light which contains 33% Less calories.

3. You are going to want to grate Light Mozzarella Cheese on top of the sauce

4. Follow by adding your chosen ingredients and fresh veggies. For My personal pizza I chose Spinach, Green Peppers, Red Onion, Tomatoes, Smoked Pepperoni, Garlic Flakes and a pinch of pepper.

5.Pop this pizza into the oven on 400F for about 10 minutes or until you see the pizza crust or cheese starting to brown.

That’s it ! Enjoy !! Happy Tuesday Everyone!!


Gradient and Flower Banners


10559170_10102710631539742_990979411_nHey friends so if you are like me – you have been making carrot cake for too long,decorating it with carrots on top -___- Well I’ m Done !, JUST done. So my main focus for this post is gradient style icing and streamer flowers ! So if you have a carrot cake recipe, you are going to want to make 1 more icing recipe. I begin by fully icing the cake before I add the gradient just so you have a nice white peaking through. Next pick a color for your gradient. Now, in order not to waste any icing, just have all your icing in one bowl and begin the lightest shade with 1-2 drops of your choice of food coloring. Once your done each layer just keep adding 1-2 drops until you are happy with the color difference. As for the style of icing, I just used a metal spatula in a press down-and swipe right motion; if you are not too familiar with this pattern you can practice a few times on a plate; it is quite easy.

Now as for the trending CAKE BANNERS: There are a lot of enchanting Cake Banner ideas on pinterest that I encourage you all to search. At the time, I had streamers by my side and just thought of forming them into flowers so I put two and two together and it actually turned out quite nice. For the Flowers I made in the photo above, all you need are BBQ skewers, streamers and scotch tape. Just take about 2 feet of streamers and form it into a flower and secure it on a BBQ stick with scotch tape ! Here a few a few examples of Cake Banners you can try ! Happy Baking !