Simple Ocean Pearl Gradient Themed Cake

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Hi Friends ! My post for today is simply inspired by the beauty and elegance of the ocean and quite fitting to be a summer themed post as well -if you throw in some shell decor :). Mine however, is a birthday cake so I decided to leave the shells for now. When I saw this photo above I was inspired to create a blue

DSC02618 gradient cake to imitate the ocean waves, as well as somehow make it fitting for an elegant birthday party as well.. What more to do than to add some pearls, right? I’ve said it once with my pink gradient cake, and i’ll say it again : it is probably one of the easiest styles for me in terms of cake decorating! All you need is a spatula and food coloring !  Here is the finished product ! DSC02604


Gradient and Flower Banners


10559170_10102710631539742_990979411_nHey friends so if you are like me – you have been making carrot cake for too long,decorating it with carrots on top -___- Well I’ m Done !, JUST done. So my main focus for this post is gradient style icing and streamer flowers ! So if you have a carrot cake recipe, you are going to want to make 1 more icing recipe. I begin by fully icing the cake before I add the gradient just so you have a nice white peaking through. Next pick a color for your gradient. Now, in order not to waste any icing, just have all your icing in one bowl and begin the lightest shade with 1-2 drops of your choice of food coloring. Once your done each layer just keep adding 1-2 drops until you are happy with the color difference. As for the style of icing, I just used a metal spatula in a press down-and swipe right motion; if you are not too familiar with this pattern you can practice a few times on a plate; it is quite easy.

Now as for the trending CAKE BANNERS: There are a lot of enchanting Cake Banner ideas on pinterest that I encourage you all to search. At the time, I had streamers by my side and just thought of forming them into flowers so I put two and two together and it actually turned out quite nice. For the Flowers I made in the photo above, all you need are BBQ skewers, streamers and scotch tape. Just take about 2 feet of streamers and form it into a flower and secure it on a BBQ stick with scotch tape ! Here a few a few examples of Cake Banners you can try ! Happy Baking !



Gum Paste Flowers – First Timer

Gum Paste Flowers ! Okay friends, have you guys ever seen those memes expectation vs. reality?? If so, you will understand my situation when I say my gum paste flowers were not up to par!! So the other night, I was trying to go for these kind of flowers ; texture, color,beauty , organic lines just like these pink peonies !! but of course mine turned out to be a hot mess ! I guess it didn’t help that I completely didn’t buy any Gum Paste decorating tools so I will tell you how I revived my flowers from the dead. First off, I had ready made Wilton Gum, food coloring ,flower stamen decors, and gorgeous white Pearl Powder. What I did not have -which I could of really used were painting brushes, gum paste tools, and stem wires but like any baker – you gotta work with what you have. So, if you are like me -unprepared 😛 then here is what you can do: You can use anything instead of wire stems such as :barbecue sticks or straws- whichever looks less awkward on your cake. Secondly, you can use end of spoons or your fingers to shape the petals as best you can -its just like working with play-doh. Thirdly you can cover up minor flaws with some food coloring- brush on a nice coat to finish it off; the way you “paint” on them will make a world of difference ! I’m sure your flowers will be just fine.

Overall, I give Gum paste 8 out of 10 on my likability scale. I didn’t really like how it dried so fast but I’m sure it is just me doing something wrong. This is just my first timers review. I know that the possibilities are endless with gum paste so I’ll keep practicing ! What are some of YOUR guys’ experience with gum paste? Share in the comments section :)) HAPPY Sunday !!


Working with fondant. 1st timer

Working with fondant. 1st timer

Hi friends ! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted anything on here but I’m happy to be back ! Last weekend we celebrated all the graduates at my church. There were going to be a lot of people, young and elderly, so I wanted to use a combination of flavors as well as something that wasn’t too sweet so I decided to make a moist chocolate cake with vanilla Swiss butter cream on the outside and mocha butter cream on the inside. I was pretty happy with the outcome. As for the graduation cap, it was my first time working with fondant and to be honest, I enjoyed it although, next time I will be more prepared; I didn’t have a fondant roller, or a fondant smoother.

What are some of your challenges/tips with fondant? Comment below 🙂

Happy Baking !