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Hi friends !! I’m so happy to share with you this recipe cook book called Almond Inspiration published by The Almond Board of California in 2007. Once in a while I find a worthy recipe book at my local thrift store!  Ever since I was a kid I loved Almonds because it simply tasted like vanilla -fancy, i know 🙂 !  and that’s all it took for me to retire peanuts forever ! There are a variety of ways to use almonds e.g. Maple ricotta parfait with almonds and plums or spiced veggie wraps with almonds and raita ! I love how you can take Almonds from dessert to dinner, they are so versatile. I just cant wait to try out some of these awesome recipes ! To get Almond Inspired visit ! Happy Sunday Everyone !!


Simple Ocean Pearl Gradient Themed Cake

ocean shells pearls oysters_www.wall321.com_2

Hi Friends ! My post for today is simply inspired by the beauty and elegance of the ocean and quite fitting to be a summer themed post as well -if you throw in some shell decor :). Mine however, is a birthday cake so I decided to leave the shells for now. When I saw this photo above I was inspired to create a blue

DSC02618 gradient cake to imitate the ocean waves, as well as somehow make it fitting for an elegant birthday party as well.. What more to do than to add some pearls, right? I’ve said it once with my pink gradient cake, and i’ll say it again : it is probably one of the easiest styles for me in terms of cake decorating! All you need is a spatula and food coloring !  Here is the finished product ! DSC02604


Abstract Expressionist?

10517159_10102710579334362_1316244425_n Hi everyone ! I know what you are thinking – Sarah went a little Jackson Pollock on this cake. Well, I thought it looked really cool !! What actually happened was that I messed up on my cake recipe so instead I just made a mini cake and used it as deco for my dessert table. All this is is tempered chocolate in different colors splashed on. All you do is take a fork and keep drizzling the chocolate back and forth. Enjoy 🙂 ! Hit the blue star below if you like this idea 🙂


Fruit Arrangements ON A BUDGET !

Fruit Arrangements !! Looking for something sweet and healthy? This is the perfect thing for you !! So I hope you guys like the arrangement ! I’ve never been good at 10531217_10102708879580682_2141331780_narranging flowers in a vase so It took me awhile to get this visually RIGHT. Seeing as the smallest bouquets of fruit from Edible Arrangements range from 70-80 dollars I thought I would just make it myself ! This cost me at the most-20 dollars.

What you will need :
1.An assortment of fruit. Above, you will see that I used pineapples, strawberries,grapes,honey dew, melon
2.Melting Chocolate- I used White Chocolate but Milk Chocolate looks great as well.
3.Cookie cutters if you want to shape your fruits.
4.bbq skewers

This post is pretty much self explanatory. Just a tip *prep all your fruits and do not slice the fruits too thin. As you can see the honey dew hearts on the left of my arrangement show the bbq stick which doesn’t look too great.

Have fun with this one guys !! Even a bouquet of just flower pineapples would be gorgeous too !-work with what you have 🙂


Mango Rosette Cheesecake

Hi friends! Happy July !! What better way to spend the summer than to eat your classic New York Style cheesecake topped with tropical fruit? What you see in the photo above is an Anna Olsen Cheesecake Recipe(<–click for the direct link) topped with sliced fresh mangoes. I chose her New York Style recipe this time around, because it contained more lemon zest and juice than others and I wanted the cheesecake to be more on the fruity side rather than rich and creamy ,- for the whole “summery theme”.

Now of course, you can use any New York Style cheesecake recipe that can be found on google. I just want to share with you a few tricks when creating your rosette. First off, you will need about 5 regular sized  mangoes that are quite firm but still ripe and sweet enough to compliment the taste of the cheesecake. Next, you’re going to want to thinly slice the mangoes lengthwise. After you have prepped your mango pieces you are ready to create the rosette. Begin by using all your smaller pieces to form the rose -starting at the center of your cheesecake, and use the larger pieces at the very end. You might want to look at some rose images for reference. The thinner the slices of mangoes -the more beautiful. It will begin to take the life of a rose – and the lines will look amazing ! Happy Baking ! Have fun -it will be delicious, TRUST ME 🙂


Sprinkle Bakes Free Form Lollipops

Sprinkle Bakes Free Form Lollipops

Hi Friends ! Here is a super fun recipe you can try for Canada Day Weekend ! Lollipops!!!! If you guys don’t have candy molds at home, let me just say -NOT TO WORRY GIRLS! you can make any shape you want -be creative and have fun with it! If you want little squares to put in your bag just line a baking pan with a greased parchment paper, pour the mixture on and spread it to a nice even layer, let it harden a bit and use a pizza cutter to cut a grid-like pattern (Make sure to cut it well so you can crack it into its shapes when it fully hardens).

If you are a beginner with cooking note that you do need to have a food thermometer; it is vital to know the temperature of the boiling sugar to create hard candy because if it is not at the right temperature it will be chewy.

Overall, I rate this recipe a 10/10 because it was easy to make and you only needed about 4 ingredients !


Working with fondant. 1st timer

Working with fondant. 1st timer

Hi friends ! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted anything on here but I’m happy to be back ! Last weekend we celebrated all the graduates at my church. There were going to be a lot of people, young and elderly, so I wanted to use a combination of flavors as well as something that wasn’t too sweet so I decided to make a moist chocolate cake with vanilla Swiss butter cream on the outside and mocha butter cream on the inside. I was pretty happy with the outcome. As for the graduation cap, it was my first time working with fondant and to be honest, I enjoyed it although, next time I will be more prepared; I didn’t have a fondant roller, or a fondant smoother.

What are some of your challenges/tips with fondant? Comment below 🙂

Happy Baking !